Flexible Cables Fueling a Wireless World

Microflex Wire and Cable

It seems like just about everything is becoming “wireless”. While we may enjoy the convenience of wireless phones, keyboard, speakers, etc., it is actually flexible cables that help fuel this technology. Fast and accurate data transmission requires highly advanced custom cable wiring. The need for such sophisticated custom cable manufacturing was propelled by some of the everyday conveniences we enjoy such as smartphones, automotive technology and electricity. Let look at some industries that rely heavily on custom and flexible cables:

Wireless Networks

Your smartphone and laptop may be wireless, but the network you connect to – whether Wi-Fi or LTE – relies on customized flexible cables for rapid transfer of data and information. So, next time you use wireless or high speed Internet, remember that thousands of flexible cables are what really fuels your devices.

Military and Aerospace

Airplanes, satellites, and even the International Space Station all use flexible cables in their construction. The military relies on custom cabling for communications, especially in the field and at bases overseas.


Flexible cables for the medical industry must be rugged and able to be exposed to the elements, liquids and regular sterilization. It is important to choose an experienced and qualified custom cabling manufacturer who specializes in medical cables if you are in the market. Check out the previous article which featured an in-depth look at medical cables.

Electric Companies

Your electricity provider uses cables to transmit power. As the demand for power continues to increase, so does the need for custom cabling solutions.


Flat screen televisions, computers, tablets and wireless printers are among just a few of the electronics that require custom cable assemblies to rapidly transmit data.

As you can see, the wireless world we live in is fueled by thousands upon thousands of flexible cables. So, the next time you connect to that wireless network, think about just how much custom cabling it really takes to make it wireless!