About Us

Microsoft Wire and CableMicroFlex designs and manufactures custom wires & cables, for companies requiring custom solutions at lightning speed. At MicroFlex, We are proud to work with your imagination. We are experts at developing challenging custom solutions for cutting edge companies in medical, robotics, aerospace, military, sensors, and a host of other industries. For over 20 years of experience with custom wire, cable, tubing. we have been designing and manufacturing products for applications with demanding requirements such as ultra-flexibility, high voltage and high temperature. Anything you can’t find from a distributor, we can deliver. We have no minimum quantities or billing. We can make you 10 ft. prototype to 100,000 ft. production run. We provide our quotes in hours not in days.

MetalsInsulation & JacketTapesFillersBraidCabling
Tin Platted Copper
Bare Copper
Silver Platted
Silver Platted Alloy
Bare Alloy
Tin Platted Alloy
Custom Strands
FEP Flouropolymer
PFA Tefzel®
SIL Silicone Rubber PVC
Polyvinyl Chloride
P.E Polyethylene
PU Polyurethane
TPR Thermo plastic rubber
P.P Polypropylene
Clear Mylar
Tfe Aluminum
Fiber Glass
32 - 44 AWG
2 to16 Carrier Spiral
2 to 50 conductors
Max O.D. 0.400 inch
  • We also make custom cabling, custom braid, silicone ribbon cable, packaging, custom colors, custom printing, marking.
  • A special discounted price is available for wire and cable distributors and manufacturers. Try us !!!
  • No order is too small and no order is too big for us because we are micro flexible.