The Importance of Using Custom Medical Cables for Medical Devices

Microflex Wire and Cable

Medical Cables Overview

Medical device technology has become more and more complex over the years.  Custom cable and wire solutions are often necessary to ensure optimum performance of both the cable and the medical device. Medical cables must be bio-compatible, able to withstand a variety of chemical and/or liquid interactions and must be able to be sterilized as often as necessary. Microflex Wire and Cable, Inc. is a custom wire and cable manufacturer, so we understand the details involved with developing reliable medical cables to fit the specific needs of our clients.

Medical Cable Classifications

We must first determine the specifications of your project and the exact type of cable material needed.  We classify medical cables and wire under two categories: standard medical cables and complex medical cables.  Standard medical cables can be used in medical applications which are not exposed to chemicals and/or regular sterilization procedures. They are generally used in computers, Internet, internal wiring, etc.

Complex medical cables are ones which may be exposed to high temperatures, the elements, liquids and/or regular sterilization. These extra durable cables are extremely flexible and designed to perform in a variety of situations, climates and conditions. Trauma/surgery center machines and EMT/Paramedic gear are examples of equipment that benefit from custom medical cables.  We will develop a custom medical cable solution by analyzing the type of device you are outfitting with the medical cable, the frequency and type of chemicals used in sterilization, and extent of contact patients will have with the cable itself.