FEP Insulated Extra Flexible Hookup wire

  • Very Flexible Bare or Plated copper conductor with 0.005 mil Wall of Flexible -70° to 200°C oil and acid resistant Dupont FEP
Specific Gravity Temp.Dielectric ConstantVolt Break Per Mil.FlexibilityAbrassionGasoline
Teflon ® (FEP)2.2-70°- 200°2.1600FairExcellantExcellant

Colors Available

FEP Insulated Extra Flexible Hookup wire

PART #AWG STRAND awgCOND DIA.FINAL O. DResistance 20°C-68°F OHMS/MFTFlexibility
BN3227FEP053227/46awg0.00930.02156.2Very Flexible
BN3025FEP053025/44awg0.0120.02292.5Very Flexible
BN2951FEP052951/46awg0.0140.02482.7Very Flexible
BN2840FEP052840/44awg0.0150.02564.7Very Flexible
BN2666FEP052666/44awg0.0190.02840.2Very Flexible
BN2441FEP052441/40awg0.0240.03425.6Extra Flexible
BN24105FEP0524105/44awg0.0240.03527.2Very Flexible
BN2265FEP052265/40awg0.0310.04216.1Extra Flexible
BN22150FEP05223x50/44awg0.0320.04217.5Very Flexible
BN2025FEP05207x37/44awg 0.0420.05210Very Flexible
BN1839FEP05187x59/44awg0.0520.0626.2Very Flexible
BN1669FEP05167x95/44awg 0.0580.0684Very Flexible

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