Medical Cables

  • Flexible Cables Fueling a Wireless World

    It seems like just about everything is becoming “wireless”. While we may enjoy the convenience of wireless phones, keyboard, speakers, etc., it is actually flexible cables that help fuel this technology. Fast and accurate data transmission requires highly advanced custom cable wiring. The need for such sophisticated custom cable manufacturing was propelled by some of […]

  • How to Choose a Custom Medical Cable Manufacturer

    When choosing a custom medical cable manufacturer, you first want to ask how many years they have been developing medical cables. They should also have a list of questions for you to answer so they can provide a customized solution designed specifically for you.  Examples of questions you should expect include: What type of medical […]

  • The Importance of Using Custom Medical Cables for Medical Devices

    Medical Cables Overview Medical device technology has become more and more complex over the years.  Custom cable and wire solutions are often necessary to ensure optimum performance of both the cable and the medical device. Medical cables must be bio-compatible, able to withstand a variety of chemical and/or liquid interactions and must be able to […]

Flexible Wire and Cable