• Medical

    Used by demanding medical & dental companies around the world.

  • Robotics

    Our robotics cables are made with ultra-fine stranded alloy wires.

  • Military & Defense

    Cables specifically designed for harsh environments.

  • Distributors

    Distributors from around the world are welcome at MicroFlex.

Flexible Wires and Cables Company You Trust

MicroFlex WireAt MicroFlex wires & cables We can make you 10 ft prototype to million Ft of flexible wires or multi conductors Flexible cables for medical. electronic, electrical, mechanical, or robotic application with Silicone, Teflon or any thermoplastics with shortest lead time and competitive price in the Industry. We have largest inventory of Flexible Hookup wires and Flexible Multi Conductors Cable.

Our Unlimited Product Capabilities

MicroFlex wires and cables are being used by demanding medical/dental companies across the country and around the world. Cables for dental, ultra-sound, and surgical equipment need flexibility and durability, and often the cables are disposable or reusable. It is not uncommon for the materials used in these cables to have additional requirements such as USP Class VI. At MicroFlex, these requirements are par for the course. Need your cables to survive autoclaving? We can help with that too. It is both testament to our capabilities and a privilege that startup medical technology companies come to MicroFlex, to assist them in refining their concepts for market. Whether it’s manufacturing for ongoing production requirements, or helping work out a proof-of-concept, MicroFlex is the place to go for world class products and service.